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Legal References & Resources

Non-Solicitation Agreements in the Internet Age

What employers should know about drafting and enforcing non-solicitation agreements in the Internet age.

Navigating the Transition: What Executives Need to Know Before You Prepare to Leave

What executives and high level employees should know in order to avoid liability and maintain business relationships before they move from one employer to another.

Page v. Starline Tours of Hollywood, Inc. [Unpublished]

In an unpublished decision, the California Court of Appeal in the Second Appellate District affirmed the summary judgment and dismissal the firm obtained on behalf of its client in a lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

California Court of Appeal Summary Judgment – Kimberly Aleksick v. 7-Eleven, Inc.

In 2012, the firm was successful in defending the summary judgment on appeal before the California Court of Appeal, Fourth District.

Virginia Opinion – In re Dornier Aviation (North America), Inc.

After nine years of bankruptcy proceedings, our clients recovered 100% of unpaid severance owed to a group of former executives of the bankrupt airplane manufacturer pursuant to their employment agreements.

California Summary Judgment – Singh v. 7-Eleven, Inc.

Welter Law obtained a written summary judgment opinion in a wage and hour case involving claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the California Labor Code alleging that our client was a joint employer with its franchisee.

Maryland Summary Judgment – Sheikh v. 7-Eleven

Welter Law obtained summary judgment for the client in a case alleging Title VII race discrimination, retaliation, hostile work environment, and constructive discharge.

Texas Summary Judgment – Rosenblatt v. 7-Eleven

Welter Law obtained summary judgment for our client in an age discrimination reduction in force matter.

Texas Summary Judgment – Polk v. 7-Eleven, Inc.

Welter Law obtained a summary judgement for our client, dismissing four claims of discrimination and retaliation under Title VII.

District of Columbia District Court Opinion – Mazur v. Szporer

Welter Law successfully defended against a motion to dismiss in a suit brought on behalf of a client alleging defamation and false light invasion of privacy.

Texas District Court Findings – Gohe v. Seven Eleven

In a case alleging national origin, race, and sex discrimination, the firm was granted its motion for sanctions and the action against our client was dismissed.

Summary Judgment – Getachew v. 7-Eleven, Inc.

The firm obtained summary judgment for a retail client in a Title VII case alleging national origin discrimination and harassment. The summary judgment was affirmed on appeal by the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

California Dismissal of Claims – Stephanie Price v. 7-Eleven, Inc. [Unpublished]

The firm obtained the dismissal of all claims against its franchisor client in the Los Angeles Superior Court and successfully defended the judgment on appeal to the California Court of Appeal.

California Summary Judgment – Kimberly Aleksick v. 7-Eleven, Inc.

The firm obtained a final summary judgment for its client in a state-wide class action alleging violations of California Business and Professions Code Section 17200 and breach of contract relating to operation of a franchise payroll system.